10 ideas to promote event management business with social media

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10 ideas to promote event management business with social media

Whether you are planning to host an online event or a physical conference, social media is a great tool to gain enough exposure to make it a huge success. These social media ideas for promoting events can aid event management companies to reach their target audience at a minimal cost.

Following are the 10 creative ways to hit profit margins in the event management business with social media, thereby increasing engagement, sales, and awareness for your event.

1. Highlight video about prior events

Written testimonials are good but insufficient on their own as they are sometimes not real or forged by paid endorsers. Video testimonials on other hand are recorded from people at a previous event and come across as authentic.

Creating videos with incredible and attractive visuals will drive people to your event and encourage them to share it with their friends.

2: Giveaway free tickets

For optimizing the event experience, you have to involve maximum participants. Free gifts motivate people than anything else. You can amp up the buzz of your event by giving out few tickets. Creating a contest where people can win attractive prizes is a rapid way to promote event business with social media.

Few ideas to optimize the event experience for the participants are as follows

  • Create a blog post where the contest and prizes are described
  • Describe how people can participate by organizing a tweet contest
  • Enroll judges who helps to increase the reach of the contest
  • To maximize participation, keep the requirements very simple
  • You can create a special episode of your podcast (if you have one) to explain the contest
  • Judges pick the winners and reward them accordingly

3. Offer a discount to early bird registrant to promote event management business

If there is a price tag for your event, you can reward loyal followers by offering early bird registration discount. Customers will feel like they have obtained a great deal and you will have guaranteed participants. The early registrant can be offered a lower price before a particular date, or you can create a promo code for the discount that is also valid for a specified period.

Do not forget to maximize the offer to encourage participants to make use of the promo as soon as possible.

4. Teaser content about the upcoming event

Creating and sharing of outstanding content helps to promote event business with social media. A simple and catchy video about the event is the most potent weapon to achieve the goal as it makes potential attendees look forward to attending the event.

A decision on whether to make the recordings available to your members as a benefit can whet their appetite ahead of the events.

5. Create blog posts about managing events

β€œTo be successful, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” – Brian Halligan, Hubspot

Blogging is integral as it gives us the opportunity to provide relevant content the users are searching for. Content is king and social media is the chariot. Using it as a marketing tactic can drive the traffic to your website and significantly elevate your SEO beating your competitors in the Google search engine pages.
A high level of activity is needed on the company’s blog while promoting the events. Giving more info about the event conducted can educate the people and they have options to like and share them as well. Low-quality articles will negatively impact your blog so try to provide your readers with informative and engaging posts backed up with visuals.

6. Unified hashtag for all social channels


Try as much as possible not to muddle up your social media efforts with several hashtags that will be difficult to remember. Choose one and share it with everyone. The hashtags should be in use well ahead of your event dates and should be on everything. Event-specific hashtags make it easy for people to find what you are sharing and the comments of other people too. Hashtags, as a social media idea for event management business, creates an avenue for conversation for attendees and interested parties. These hashtags can even be placed on table cards at the event.

7. Create Event Specific boards in Pinterest

Pinterest is a very useful tool in social media ideas for event management business. It can deliver great event content as important behind the scene tool. You may have to follow tons of Pinterest boards of event management pinners. Collaborating with other pinners will help create buzz around your posted pins. Pinterest is a platform with visuals and relies heavily on photographs, so attractive photographs will ensure your board more success.

8. Display social media messaging at the venue

Participants at the event should be encouraged to share their experiences through social media. The software that aggregates and shares the live post should be at the venue for all to see. Participants will likely be encouraged to post as they will like to see their posts on the big screen. Staff members in attendance should also share session schedules and posts of attendees.

9. Use Photos of Attendees in Social Updates

Images from the event held previously can be turned into image memes as social idea for event Management Companies. Pictures from the location, the food served and people should be used to prepare the mind of participants for the current event. Status updates can be created using the flattering and fun picture of some of your attendees. If possible, identify the people in the pics and tag them accordingly. This will enable people to discuss what they learned from the previous event, the great time they had and the level of expectation of the event again.

10. Share Pictures of Speakers with Quote Overlays

The importance of visuals in marketing cannot be overemphasized. Some people might be excited by the headshot of a speaker but it is crucial to share important quotes from them as well. Pick a powerful quote from each of the speakers and add it to the headshot graphics of the speaker. Speakers will also likely promote events they are speaking at, as the exposure they have will depend on the turnout of participants at the event. Professional speakers have their own social network followers that can be tapped into and this can turn out to promote event business with social media.

Social media is not a one-off event; it should be an ongoing effort. Social media has become a major resource for every stage of event promotion. If you have more ideas on how organizers and attendees can utilize social media campaigning to make the most out of their events, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below

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