8 points to consider while creating a wedding website

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8 points to consider while creating a wedding website

Planning for weddings poses a few challenges, especially when you are preparing for a large guest list. As soon as crucial details such as day and venue are set, you can commence spreading the excitement to your friends and family. The best way to do so is by making a wedding website. Websites for weddings are sometimes called “wedsites“.

A “wedsite” is a fast way to make your guest have first-hand information about your wedding. These wedding websites are usually very important in the communication between the couples and their guests. Some of the important information to include on your wedding website includes:

1. A wedding Location page to guide your guests right to your threshold

Your guests need to have precise information with all due respect to how they are going to reach the venue. Be sure to add these to your wedding location page:

  • An interactive map that can give accurate direction to the venue; an easy way is to embed a Google Map.
  • Contact at the Venue (i.e. a phone number)
  • Time the ceremony starts

It would be better if a link to download a document with the phone number, location, and other necessary info could be made available on the site. Some guests would love to take a print out of the map and have the necessary details for your big day on their fingertips.

2. Include The “How we met” story in your wedding website

Some of the invitees may be acquainted with only one of the couples and maybe curious to know more about the other partner. The how we met page is a great platform to make them get to know more about you and your partner’s story. It allows the invitees to learn more about the couples and be up to date about the relationship; how it all started and how they have moved from one level to this stage.

Everybody enjoys a love story, so disclose yours on your wedding website.

3. A ‘what to wear’ page

Deciding what to wear is an aspect that is more cumbersome for the guests than the couple. The bride adorns a white gown while the groom will be wearing a tuxedo.
The guests may worry about being too formal or informal. This is where a dress code comes in. A particular dress for each occasion of the ceremony along with the right information on how to shop for it will be a welcome addition to your wed-site. Creative illustrations or photographs of what the attire looks like on your site are perfect.

4. Countdown till the event in the wedding website

This is a stereotypical wedding countdown on the website. It is a good filler on the page and it is fun as it ticks downward throughout the year! A wedding countdown can also help the couple to avoid the eleventh-hour rush as it enables you and your partner to plan ahead of time so as to reduce the stress you would have experienced if you had not followed the countdown religiously.
count down in a wedding website

5. A gallery of moments captured so far

This section should contain the fewest words apart from photo descriptions and captions. You are free to really express yourselves here with all your pictures including baby photos, college pictures, engagement shots and any other snap that you think maybe captivating for your audience.

6. Provide information about accommodation for your guests

This section will be invaluable especially to guests from out of town. Driving directions and available trains should be included. This section should contain a list of hotel options very close to the venue. For each of the hotels include; the name of the hotel, the address of the hotel, contact information of the hotel and the distance from the venue. Mention special rates they could avail through coupons or promo codes.

7. Wish List or Gift Registry

gift registry

 Your website is the only place where it’s okay to mention what gifts you’d like.
A wedding registry comprises of gifts that you’d like to start off on your journey together. The idea is to guide the gift giver thereby avoiding unwanted or duplicated gifts. You will be expected to provide relevant information as to which shops or departmental stores you are registered in and the necessary information required to access them.

8. Contact page

The information of the key wedding organizers will be expected to be on your website. The key organizers include the groom, the bride, their parents and the wedding planners. If some people are expected to call from international destinations make sure to include the international calling codes of their own country.

Before the website is made available to your guest make sure to test run it. You may have to work on this for some weeks so that you will be able to identify some of the errors that a fresh eye may overlook. You may also have to ask someone to help test run it as a visitor to ensure that the site is good to go.

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