Top 10 Free Fonts of 2016 Curated & Collected from 300+ Free fonts


Top 10 Free Fonts of 2016 Curated & Collected from 300+ Free fonts

A new typeface will bring huge change to the overall appearance of your website or mobile app. Here are top 10 free fonts of 2016, collected and curated from over 300 plus free and professional fonts available out there. You can use these fonts for typography design, web designing, branding or even mobile app designing.Mostly all of these free fonts come as royalty free, so feel free to use this on your designing works. Though a few of the fonts are only free for personal use.

1, Moon

Moon top 10 free fonts of 2016
This is a new FREE rounded, simple, space-ie typeface family entitled Moon, which has both thin and bold variations. This font is free for personal use only. Affordable commercial licenses are also available.



museo TOP 10 FREE FONTS OF 2016
MUSEO, The story of the font is an interesting one indeed.Love for the letter U led him here. This beautiful letter U came to him in a day dream. He saw the top part of the stems bended into semi-slab serifs. this font features ligatures, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions and proportional/tabular figures. MUSEO tops this all up with a ‘case’ feature for case sensitive forms.


3, Aileron

aileron top 10 free fonts of 2016
You will have a hard time finding this many weights in another free typeface. ( Generous people alert : you can donate to the type designer upon download.) The sans serif has a slightly ovular shape with uniform strokes that are easy to read at all sizes which makes this a great multipurpose option for display or body type.


4, Signika

signika top 10 free fonts of 2016
Signika is all about clarity. It is a sans-serif with a gentle character which has been developed for wayfinding, signage, and other media where clarity of information is of utmost importance. A low contrast combined with a tall x-height to improve readability of texts in small sizes as well as in large distances from the reader. We have used signika font for creating our free Single Page PSD template which got published in our blog last month.
The typeface comes with a character set which is wide enough to support Western European languages, Polish, and Czech. The figures have been designed as tabular.
All of the weights from Light to Bold have alternative Negative versions which have been optimized to solve the effect of juxtaposed positive and negative text setting, here the text in negative tends to look thicker in comparison.


5, Nevis

nevis top 10 free fonts of 2016
Nevis has a strong and angular typeface. This will be ideal for headings & buttons. While being assertive and bold, it manages to retain a friendly tone. It looks the best when used in all caps.


6, Kirvy

KIRVY Font Family – A simple sans serif font family(Thin, Light, Regular & Bold). Free download is available for personal or commercial use.


7, Big John / Slim Joe

Ion Lucin has designed these fantastic geometric and modern fonts from Madrid, Spain. The fonts Big John and it’s sister font, Slim Joe can be downloaded for free. A combination of these two fonts create a wonderful and bold contrast with each other. They’re all capitals and include alpha-numeric characters as well as glyphs. These fonts can be used for free in both personal and commercial projects.


8, stalemate

Stalemate is a script of vintage origins but still modern flair. This script exudes confidence and carefree attitude and makes a bold statement in any design. Designed by Jim Lyle. To contribute to the project contact Brian J. Bonislawsky


9, Brela

Regular Brela serif typeface is designed especially for editorial design. Free download, has lower case, upper case, main punctuation marks and numerals. Currently in development the Light and Bold styles


10, Quicksand

Quicksand is a sans serif type family of three weights plus matching obliques and a dash version for display and headings. Influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s and 30s, the fonts are based on geometric forms that have been optically corrected for better legibility.


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